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Man City have offered Ibrahimovic a four-year deal worth £96Million roughly £500,000 a week

The mega-deal would make the Barcelona striker the highest-paid footballer in the world, earning £24m a year.
That dwarfs the salaries of top stars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

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FootballZilla4055d ago

If this would ever happen, it would be ridiculous and football will just be ridiculous and there would have to be a new rule for how much a team is allowed to spend in 3years.

zico4055d ago

Agree, and why do they want him? It seems like they only buy players who is famous, and not thinking about how they fit in the squad and the team play structures. I think they have enough good attackers and don`t need a player like Zlatan.....and about the "£500,000 a week". Ridiculous!! Nobody is worth so much, even not Messi, Kaka, Ronaldo!

Leio4055d ago

Youre worth what you negotiated. The same in every profession :/

karim4055d ago

Well if he's worth 96M I'm at least worth 1B $

karim4055d ago

Guys this is THE SUN !!!! They only make made up stories to fill the blank pages

FootballZilla4054d ago

Definate agree exeptinally the sun

sokrates4055d ago

If this story is fake or if it isnt... Its a huge amount of money. From my point of view Zlatan is one of the best players. Remember him in Inter, and the first 8 matches in Barcelona before he was injured- scoring in evry singel match! He is worth the best deal ever. I am pretty sure he will win the gold ball this or next year.

FootballZilla4054d ago

i doubt he will get golden ball but he is deadly on 1on1 with goalkeeper.

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