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Arsenal Supporters' Trust gives fans the chance to buy shares in the club

Fans can look toward an AGM seat...

Arsenal Supporters' Trust (AST) are behind a new initiative which will hand the club's fans the opportunity to purchase a small shareholding in the club.

Fans can sign up to the scheme online, and will have the chance to buy 'fanshares' for £95 each, one hundredth of the price of an actual share in the club.

They will then be entered in a ballot for a seat at the club's Annual General Meeting. Any fan who buys 100 fan shares can have their membership status changed to full voting rights, equivalent to one full share.

The initiative has the full backing of the Arsenal hierarchy.

"Arsenal Fanshare has been established by the AST to increase supporter ownership and representation at Arsenal," AST spokesman Tim Payton told reporters.

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