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OFFICIAL: Manchester City Complete Signing Of James Milner From Aston Villa

Aston Villa midfielder James Milner has completed his protracted move to Manchester City on a five-year contract.

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FootballZilla3848d ago

Great Offence .

---------------- Yaya T ------------------
Balloteli----Milner-----Barry ------Silva

-------------------Tevez----- ---------------

FootballZilla3848d ago

At the back not that secure

karim3848d ago

if they don't buy a defender they won't win anything

moha103847d ago

They have a great team, but I don`t like that if you have a lot of money you can buy everything and everyone. Hopefully they don`t win anything....

FootballZilla3847d ago

YES YES. Thats exactly what i think.

BjornarO3847d ago

they wont be better than 4 place.

FootballZilla3847d ago

I think they will get 4th.

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