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15 Best Football Clubs of All Time

It is really hard to put all this great clubs in top 15 football clubs of the world.

All of this football clubs are right to be called "giants" of football.

They deserve this name because they won so many titles in their country or in Europe.

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karim4370d ago

Real Madrid Is the Undisputed #1 Club Of all time

karim4370d ago

also the writer was right by not choosing chelsea doesn't have a amazing history but they are a giant in the making

FootballZilla4370d ago

Really good list. agree with all of them.

But i dont agree that Benfica is the best club in Portugal i think Porto is easly

karim4370d ago

No Mate Currently Yes It is Porto who is the best but by looking at the history of both team it is Clearly Benefica

============Benefica========= ===

TITLES: Portuguese Liga: 32 Cup of Portugal: 24 Portuguese Supercup: 4

UEFA Champions League: 2 UEFA Europa League: 1

=============Porto=========== ===

TITLES: Portuguese Liga: 24 Portuguese Cup: 15 Portuguese Supercup: 17

UEFA Champions League: 2 UEFA Europa League: 1 UEFA Supercup: 1

FIFA Club World Cup: 2

FootballZilla4370d ago

yh history = benfica.

but over last 10 years porto won 6 leagues
and benfica = 2
Porto also won champions and europa in last 10 years.

kulka4370d ago

Both are outstanding clubs who produce pashion and I love watching games between those 2 teams

karim4370d ago

which 2 clubs ?
Chelsea Vs Man Utd
Barca Vs Real
Milan Vs Inter
Or Benefica VS Porto

kulka4370d ago

I love watching each and every match you named above Derbies is the type of match where both teams fight for every ball the fans the atmosphere it is just amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.