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Ibrahimovic in new Barcelona blast: Guardiola a small coach

AC Milan signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic has blasted his former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola.

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karim5008d ago

Well tbh If you have a team like barcelona I (14 year old) can coach him and let them win everything :P The point Is:With A team like Barcelona Everyone can coach it and win so for me guardiola isn't that great of a coach

Leio5006d ago

Kinda agreed with you he got the team handled over by Rijkaard with all current players or even better, under his lead i didn't gain any new players but lost a load. His success was more of a good timing than tactical skills

EatSleepPlay5008d ago

they mast make a TV Show Called "Zlatan's weekly Blasts"

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