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What Is The Best League In Europe

There is so much talk about this topic so I decided to analyse this question in a broader scope. The most recent fact is that Bundesliga will overtake Seria A in the UEFA Coefficient System and it'll affect the CL spots given to the both leagues. Leaving aside UEFA's system, what is the most successful league in the world? There are two leading leagues in the form of Seria A and La Liga who have won more European titles than any other league. But here I'll focus about the domestic league rather than the European competition.

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kulka4399d ago

1 English
2 Spanish
3 Italian
4 German
5 French
6 Turkish or Russian league
these are the best leagues in Europe

freeduck4399d ago

Agreed with every rank. Although I would replace Russian with the Greek league

topdawg1224398d ago

If you're taking things into consideration like teams profitability, attendance, competition, t.v. viewers per country, club management, then the German bundesliga is definitely one of the top two leagues in the world.