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Fergie's Rooney ultimatum

Sir Alex Ferguson has issued Wayne Rooney a spine-chilling ultimatum, according to this morning's Sun: Step out of line one more time and you've had it. The paper claims that Fergie "read the Riot Act" to Rooney after dropping him for this weekend's match against Everton following a week of tabloid allegations about all sorts of post-watershed shenanigans with, ahem, ladies of ill repute.

The paper stops short of saying what the irascible Scot's ultimate sanction might be if the England striker fails to heed his warning, but it's probably safe to say that the Old Trafford Purchasing Department is on standby to order several new boxes of teacups for the Red Devils' dressing room.

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sokrates5030d ago

Its typical Ferguson. It always support his players in the media, but what happens in the meeting room with the players nobody knows... But, as I have heard and red from beckham and Staam, he is a hard nail!

megacardo5030d ago

This is all roomers. You will never know what Mr. Ferguson has said about this case.