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Arsenal's Squad Strength Looking Good As Games Pile Up

BR: The weekend is over and it's a weekend that went very well from an Arsenal perspective. We continued our unbeaten start to the season as we beat Bolton 4-1 to get our third win in our first four games. The only game we have failed to win so far was the opening day draw at Anfield and it leaves us sitting pretty in second place in the league as all the other challengers besides Chelsea continue to drop points. Chelsea may have a 100% record so far but when you look at the league table you can see that the four teams that they have beaten so far all sit proudly in the bottom five with only Everton separating them.

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crazyturkey3553d ago

Only Chelsea and Arsenal have performed up to their big 4 status. Now, the other contenders Have struggled. Liverpool is nowhere near the level they've had before, in great part due to their ownership worries. Tottenham has also been struggling, they've already had their first taste of playing in the CL and Premiership in the same week, so in the end it may prove too much for them. Manchester United have been doing what Arsenal was doing last season, losing points in the last minute (literally). Finally Manchester City have yet to connect as a team again, like last season.

Next Week is Man.Utd. vs Liverpool. The result will probably not be good for at least one of these two teams.