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Ibrahimovic karate kicking Strasser

What on earth are you doing here, Zlatan?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic behavior in training has become a hot conversation topic in Italy after the Swede karate kicking a teammate in training.

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moha102957d ago

I don`t believe it!!! Racism maybe?

zico2957d ago

shocking behavior. I always liked him, but now I`m doubt.

moha102957d ago

Yea it`s shocking. I`ve always liked him since he played for Ajax. Amazing football player, but this.....

sokrates2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

He is a great player, but totaly empty brain! I am sorry to admit that he is not the only one. Whatch the video "After Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia's horror injury, a video round-up of bad breaks" on the page, and you will see!

karim2957d ago

WTF ! first for ibra and next this should have never been approved the source is youtube which is not legitimate :@

Leio2956d ago

And it might just be a just a bad joke ... but well keep speculating :/