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After Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia's horror injury, a video round-up of bad breaks

It hasn't been a great week for bad injuries, first there was the Turkish coach stabbed by his own brother and last night saw Antonio Valencia go down when his left ankle got caught in the turf leaving some terrible images of the stricken Ecuador winger.

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karim4401d ago

OMG...It made me sick :( now i really hate roy keane

donb4401d ago

Was it roy Keane? It sure looked like it... He has caused a lot of injuries

karim4400d ago

he said he intentionnaly (if it's spelled like this) Injured him and ruined his career what a ****

sokrates4401d ago

This is worth watching, just to open eyes a bit. shit!

EatSleepPlay4401d ago

all that blood...ewww it shows what sort of players these monsters are

moha104401d ago

"monsters"; I`m sure not all tackles are intentionally, maybe some, but some are unlucky. In every matches you see a lot of rough tackles. That`s how the sport has become in top leagues. And then sometimes some are unlucky (or too late) and are unlucky with the tackle. It`s not intentionally but maybe it looks like....

zeddy20104400d ago

it wasent that bad of a challenge yesterday just really unluckly for valencia.