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Lionel Messi does not have a fractured ankle - Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has not suffered a fractured ankle following a challenge from Tomas Ujfalusi in the 2-1 victory over Atletico Madrid, according to manager Pep Guardiol

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FootballZilla3441d ago

good news for barca and messi.

hosee3441d ago

what minute did this foul happen? i quit watching around the 81st, too bad for the best player in the world! with all the talent barcelona has, i dont see why they dont get messi out before something like this happens!

RedDevils3441d ago

that happen exactly like rooney got injure at the end of the bayern match, which cause both our CL and PL title

kulka3441d ago

thats because United are a one man team Barca can cope without Messi they have like 6 others match winners

RedDevils3440d ago

is that like saying Liverpool too? Arsenal too? nice way to spin eh?