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Byron Moreno & The 10 Worst Refereeing Decisions In World Cup History

The disgraced former FIFA referee, Byron Moreno, was jailed this week for attempting to smuggle six kilos of heroin into the United States. The Ecuadorian is infamous in Italy as a result of his barely credible officiating during the South Korea - Italy last 16 match at the 2002 World Cup. remembers that game and looks back at some more shocking calls from the history of the showpiece event...

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sokrates4959d ago

I remember this world cup very well, and Moreno was awful! I felt pretty sure that he didnt want Italy to win.

There was no shocker for me that he was taken with cocain- this week- because he was suspended as a referee in his home country because of corruption.

He must be the worst. EVER!

donb4959d ago

He is taken with 6 kilos of HEROIN, and he was a referee in the FIFA world cup. And you are not "shocked"? Makes me wondering What kind of world do you live in?

sokrates4959d ago

I live in the real world. With my eyes wide open... :)

kulka4959d ago

This man is mad he should never been allowed to referee that game FIFA were mad to allow him