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Highlights: Ajax 1-1 AC Milan. UEFA Champions League 28.09.2010

Ajax 1-0 AC Milan

1-0 El Hamdaoui 23'
1-1 Ibrahimovic 36`

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sokrates4386d ago

I was sure Milan should bring the victory home! What happened? They had a chance on 1-1 in the 84th minute. Open goal! What a save by the goalie!

donb4385d ago

And who is Milan? They had their glory. Now they are full of x-stars and of course a real one: Zlatan. dont think they will have chances in the scudetto. The squad is to wekk, and to full of Lazy brazilians. Ronaldo and Robinho prefere to hunt girls instead of balls.

Leio4385d ago

Zlatan, Zlatan and Zlatan again He is like the only one who can maximize his chances in Milan