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Set Play Masters: 50 Great Free Kick Goals

Set plays can make or break a team's chances at a win and can sometimes be the difference between three points, one point, or no points.

There is not a lot in football that brings as much anticipation and excitement than when the referee blows his whistle for a set play just outside the box.

Most coaches harp the consistency out of set plays. Deploying the right playmakers to initiate these set plays can make the bosses look like geniuses and the free kick takers like heroes.

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karim4387d ago

OMG there's some seriously insane free kicks

EatSleepPlay4386d ago

Roberto Carlos FK against france was one of all time best and there's one for juninho against barcelona but he didn't mention it

karim4386d ago

true i can't believe that he forgot to put it

4385d ago
4385d ago