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Arsene Wenger claims winning is all so easy for rich Chelsea

Arsene Wenger has insisted Arsenal’s achievements should never be directly compared to Chelsea’s because of the Roman Abramovich factor.

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karim4388d ago

Just Wondering Mr Wenger If you were the manager of chelsea WILL YOU COMPLAIN ?

crazyturkey4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Wenger was the Chelsea manager He wouldn't have spend so much money in any player. Most expensive player he has ever gotten is Arshavin for 15million. I doubt he would pay 20million for someone like Messi......Messi.

Other than that I doubt he would complain at having so much money available.

karim4387d ago

i bet if he was our manager he would have bought all the highest-rated youngsters like aguero-de gea-bojan (if possible) and others he often talks about youngsters he admire but can't be afforded so if he was our manager what will stop him to buy them if he has the resources?

EatSleepPlay4388d ago

Looks Like he already got his excuse

kulka4387d ago

Well he is kind of right if it was not for Abramovich Chelsea would not be in the same position as they are

karim4387d ago

very good point if you can look at the statistics of the last 3 seasons chelsea's most expensiive player was zhirkov=18M + chelsea has started to buy YOUNG PLAYERS for their academy (kakuta,kalas,sturridge...) not to mention that they departed joe cole,ballack (what a shame),belletti,deco...because of their high wages + Abrahamovic cut all the players bonuses and said that we will buy with the MONEY GENERATED from profits soo for chelsea all the big spending is's man city's turn

kulka4387d ago

I dont like then way some clubs spent in the premier league when abramovich took over they spent like 100M in his first season City spent like 200m I think it is wrong should spent more on development of their own players rather than buying all the time

vhero4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

spend on development of own players like by them a new leg?? How do you expect to do this?? Such a lame excuse. You can buy all the best facilitys in the world but if you not got the players you going nowhere. City have great upcoming players already and now we dont have to sell them like in the past. (We had to sell all our best like Giggs, Anelka, Shawn Wright t name a few YES GIGGS came from city acedemy Anelka didn't but we couldn't afford to keep). But for now we need somebody to get us to the top 4 while them teens are getting there.

Chelsea didnt think about youngsters and missed out on a couple of premiership titles thanks to the reds but bought well and are now back on top. City are covered in both areas with players like Hart and Johnson coming up are team age average is very low.

karim4387d ago

you should get your infos right when abrahamovic bought chelsea they were a debt-ridden club just like portsmouth they had no money we would have been in administration if abrahamovic didn't took over and we didn't have any young players...our academys were extremely poor

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The story is too old to be commented.