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Trial begins in European football betting scandal

BOCHUM, Germany (AFP) - Four suspected ringleaders of what is believed to be European football's biggest fraud scandal went on trial in Germany on Wednesday, accused of fixing more than 30 matches across Europe.

The quartet, who have not been named, could be jailed for up to 10 years if found guilty of fraud in a trial that will question the integrity of lower league football across the continent.

The trial will focus on 32 games played in Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Switzerland, mostly last season, where it is alleged dozens of players or referees were bribed to influence the ma

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sokrates4946d ago

Europeen football is not that white after all. This is what you expect should happen in South America, but it happens all over. what a Shame!

Maradona4946d ago

And it happens in all sports in the world.

kulka4946d ago

Corruption is still very common in football unfournately

vhero4945d ago

Yep like last season Portmouth going bust and then amazing scoring 3 own goals for Manchester united.. You can't say that really happened... Corruption is easier to spot sometimes.