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World Football: The Current 11 Best Centre/Attacking Midfielders in the World

When Spain won the World Cup earlier in the summer, the brightest stars weren't the forwards, but the midfielders: Xavi and Iniesta (who scored the decisive goal). This shows how important midfielders are. They are the link between defense and attack and they're the ones making the team work.

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kulka4803d ago

Few arguable names there but agree with Xavi being the best midfilder in the world best playmaker I have ever seen maybe the best there ever was

RedDevils4803d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Xavi made a huge different when he on, Barca look struggling or not creative when he not on, I'm not sure If barca can be great threat to the competition when Xavi retire, for both Spain and Barca he is crucial for them, without Messi Barca can still challenge for title, but without Xavi there no certain that they would win it

kulka4802d ago

Agree with you for once :D