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Why Javier Hernandez Is More Valuable Than Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has done very little to get so far. His stature as world footballing icon is assumed, but unearned. His actual skill with the leather has never been of the highest tier. It's time for the facade to end.

Luckily for Manchester United fans, Javier Hernandez is the white knight. At 22, he's faster, hungrier, and a bachelor that is not prone to marriage scandals. And those are only three reasons why, despite being less "experienced," and having less and less-prestigious winner's medals, Javier Hernandez is already better than Wayne Rooney, and more important to United.

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karim4435d ago

he is the new ole gunnar solskjaer

moha104434d ago

Agree. And then he will be a good player for ManU

EatSleepPlay4435d ago

well because chicharito scored more goals than rooney as a substitute

jacko134435d ago

People who claim Wayne is not one of the 10 best PLAYERS in the world really show how little they understand football.
I haven't seen Hernandez play much yet as I follow Arsenal, but that probably tells you if he isn't better than Berba let alone Wayne.

ad4mb4435d ago

lmfao have some people only started watching football this season? or does this mean ngog is also more valuable then torres? fuck some people are dumb

moha104434d ago

The reason for his (Rooneys) poor season so far is all outside sporting events he has had. this affects his preformance on the pitch. His head is not present in the situations on the pitch, but somewere else. Then even Rooney can`t play good football. But it`s true what "ad4mb" said: He was great and important for manU last season. But so far this season....not good enough, and not good enough for his national team.

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