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Manchester United Striker Wayne Rooney: I Have Never Thought About Quitting England

Wayne Rooney insists that at no point did he ever consider quitting the England national team.

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karim3298d ago

After That Horrible display in da world cup you should have thought !

FootballZilla3298d ago

No he shouldnt. He had a poor Wc but he is one of the best striker?

karim3298d ago

agreed..he is one of the best strikers but i said he should have THOUGHT to quit...not that he should he could have a great future with them

RedDevils3297d ago

there lot of time for him

Clueless3298d ago

he's only 24 why thinking of quiting ?

FootballZilla3298d ago

It says he never though of quitting

RedDevils3297d ago

it just that why ask the question about Rooney even thinking of quiting when he obviously just 24

EatSleepPlay3298d ago

Rooney will hopefully will be an England Legend :-)

RedDevils3297d ago

he was on form when he play for England

sokrates3298d ago

If you believe what is written in the british Papers- you would walk away with a pretty crazy view of life. Dont think Ronney has been even thinking of quitting- but he was fed up with the english fans in the wc. And he had his reasons!