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Ranking The Ten Best Defensive Midfielders In World Football

The defensive midfield role is easily the most underrated and under valued positions in football. The amount of work a defensive midfield contributes to a team is invaluable. Defensive midfielders often are force to fulfill the phsyical roles for their team alongside aiding their defenders as well as also contributing in attack.

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karim4368d ago

No Brainer ! Essiesn Is THE BEST !

moha104368d ago

Former Liverpool players Alonso and Mascherano are my favoritte!

karmax74368d ago

I'm sorry but Alexander Song is not the third best def mid in the world. He's not even in the top ten. Surely players like Cambiasso and Melo deserve a bit more credit.

sokrates4368d ago

Couldnt agree more, Karmax