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Video: Crazy Ronaldinho Trick (Ajax-AC Milan Warm Up)

The Insanely Skillfull Ronaldinho Does an Amazing Trick One Again

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karim3752d ago

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Good...Messi The Best...Ronaldinho Is God :P

EatSleepPlay3752d ago

seen better but still kinda awesome

karim3751d ago

You Propably Saw Better From Ronaldinho also :P

karim3751d ago

Ronaldinho's trick is way better than the thing that ronaldo did

topdawg1223751d ago

Imo the greatest player ever for the 2 - 3 yr. period where he was amazing at Barca. If he would have sustained that greatness until now he would undoubtedly be the greatest of all time in terms of an entire career.

RedDevils3751d ago

why he screw up after he left barca

FootballZilla3751d ago

I every article everyone talks about Ronaldo & Messi lol they must be real good