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The Greatest Galacticos: Real Madrid's Top 3 Mega-Transfers Of All Time

Well, it's been a pretty slow couple of weeks for club football because of the international break, so here's a list of the top 3 biggest Real Madrid mega-transfers of all time.

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FootballZilla4377d ago

For Me -

5- Cristiano Ronaldo
4- Beckham
3- Figo
2- Ronaldo
1- Zizu

FootballZilla4377d ago

And i forgot Roberto Carlos there is some more aswell

kulka4376d ago

They did sign some class players even noe they have a brillant squad but a lot of players are there just for the money or else something is really wrong at the club since all the players who leave go on to became one of the best players example Sneijder Van Der Vaart or even Huntellar who is beginning to find himself again

RedDevils4376d ago

that is go on inside of Madrid, beside too many player that play there are full of individual everyone of them want to be a "STAR" or the "BEST"