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Part 2 Of 4: The Top 5 Brazilian Soccer Players Ever

What's going on bleachers, Rader's back with part 2 of his 4 part series (although I'm thinking of extending it to like 6 or something). In the first part of this series I ranked the top five Argentinian soccer players of all time. Well I decided to go to another one of the greatest franchises for part 2, Brazil. Brazil is one of the most dominant soccer teams in all of soccer history and they have had some of the best players as well. I will be ranking the top 5 players in Brazil's history. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment and tell me what you guys think. So let's begin.

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kulka4373d ago

Pele was the best Brazilian ever no doubts

moha104373d ago

From 1 to 5: Pele, Ronaldinho, Zico, Romario and Kaka