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Inter President Massimo Moratti: I Am Serious About Signing Barcelona's Lionel Messi

Inter president Massimo Moratti is no longer joking about signing Lionel Messi from Barcelona, but he is serious.

A summer of retrenchment in the transfer market saw the club re-organise their plans for the future, and they are now ready to establish a new legacy. The man to kick this all off will be Messi.

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karim4427d ago

HAHAHA what is he smoking ? :P

vhero4426d ago

Agreed I know any owner would love to have him but getting him is another question this isn't like the Ronaldo saga Messi is happy where he is so no amount of money is gonna upset him for a move only that 250million release clause is gonna get him to talk.

kulka4427d ago

Or taking I think Inter would have to sell their stadium to get the finance to buy Messi lol what a joke

karim4427d ago

Not Just The Stadium they need 2 sell the WHOLE club :P

FootballZilla4427d ago

Messi release clause is 250million.

karim4427d ago

No Sane Person Will Ever Pay That Ammount Of Momey

kulka4427d ago

Why would the buy Messi seriously for 250milion they could buy Fabregas,Vidic,Drogba and couple of other top class players

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