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VIDEO: Albert Luque Pulls Pepe's Ear In Bizarre Half-Time Scuffle (Malaga-Real Madrid)

One of the most bizarre skirmishes this season saw a strange clash between Malaga substitute Albert Luque and Real Madrid defender Pepe last night.

Los Blancos went into the interval 2-0 up and Luque, who was a substitute, chased after Pepe and after hurling some abuse at the Portuguese (of Brazilian origin) defender then pulled on his left ear.

In explanation of his actions, the former Newcastle striker commented that "Pepe told us to look at the scoreboard, I looked, I do not like controversy but he disrespected me. To wear that shirt you have to be a gentleman and I doubt he is."

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karim3516d ago

"To wear that shirt you have to be a gentleman and I doubt he is" Albert You are 100% Right.Pepe Is A disgrace...Anyone remember his violent attack on a player that left him injured

FootballZilla3516d ago

Karim what you on about lol

Pepe did that last year he allready said sorry. Why did Albert pull is ear, he shouldnt have done that aswell

EatSleepPlay3516d ago

Pepe Said Sorry ? It's Like Killing Someone and saying you didn't mean it...Pepe kicked that guy intentionally + Albert Pulled his ear because Pepe was arrogant and told him to look @ the scoreline ! I think it's deserved

karim3516d ago

What EatSleepPlay Said :P