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Wayne Rooney 'Would Be Welcome At Chelsea', Says Carlo Ancelotti

Rooney is reported to be looking to leave Old Trafford, with contract talks having broken down after a disagreement with Sir Alex Ferguson.

And Ancelotti has said he would be open to signing the England striker from the Blues' title rivals - despite the uproar it would cause in the Premier League.

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karim4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

I Don't Think It's Possible but I Won't Mind If He Comes :)

sokrates4370d ago

If he goes to Chelsea he must be stupid. No soul in that club!

karim4370d ago

Sokrates...You're really immature No Soul ? yeah right at least we're not paying 100M Every Season For Players...Have you heard of kakuta,mcEachran,borini and sturridge ? I don't think so !

sokrates4370d ago

well, if you are so sure about that, why dont you take a look of spendings for the past 5 years: then you compare United and Chelsea of spendings- then you come back and write me what you red:)
Good luck! LOL

BjornarO4370d ago

He cant join a club in England. He will go to Spain.

karim4370d ago

His Wife (Coleen Rooney) Doesn't Want To Move Abroad Especially When Her 12 Year-Old Sister Is VERY Ill :( So It's Either City Or Chelsea...Most Likely City

FootballZilla4370d ago

Disagree i really doubt he will stay in england if he does can only see him at man city.

kulka4370d ago

Lol she is a Liverpool fan maybe we sign him that be great

MaximusPrime4370d ago

Coleen looking to pursue a TV career. London is the best place. So that leaves with just Chelsea FC

kulka4370d ago

She could work for the official Liverpool tv lol

njc4370d ago

I think he could do it well in Germany aswell

zeddy20104369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

i think he'll go to milan or juve maybe bayern. i dont think madrid or barca need him.

kulka4369d ago

Not sure if they can afford him though plus would Rooney want to go to them

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FootballZilla4370d ago

But would be hated by man utd fans after, like they allways do example Ronaldo they loved him after he said he wanted to play in a new club.. He isnt good anymore

ad4mb4370d ago

Dont talk shit, ronaldo was hated at the time for the way he handled it, most fans have moved on and are grateful for what he did at the club. Tevez will always be hated because he said he loved the utd fans then moved to city... yeh sure you did tevez. And rooney will be hated if he leaves because of what the club has done for him and him coming out saying he wants to be remembered like giggs, scholes etc but now wanting to leave.

kulka4370d ago

Yup imagine what would they do if he joined City or Chelsea or Liverpool

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