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Liverpool too good to go down - says Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger does not believe Liverpool will be relegated but warns them that climbing the table could be a slow process.

Wenger is confident the Reds will eventually turn things around, even though it could be a slow and difficult journey.

“I don’t think they will go down because they are too good a team, but we are in a sport where you go quickly down and slowly up,” said the Gunners boss.

“We are in a human sport and that makes it very fragile. Confidence is very important at our level and it goes very quickly.”

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kulka4430d ago

yup we wont get relegated but it be hard to win anything in the near future

njc4430d ago

Agree. I think good things are happening in the club. Things that don't kill you, make you stronger.. or something like that:-)

sokrates4430d ago

A strange thing to say- A team needs to win to stay in the premier league. You cant count stars on the team, but the teams point. Liverpool needs to win- and thats it. And, I hope they do, by the way:)

FootballZilla4430d ago

Liverpool will stay up i hope they do, even though they arnt a team that i really like to be honest.

moha104430d ago

of course they stay up! Look at Spurs 2 years ago. They had a terrible start, and ended up 5th (almost CL), and last year they made top 4 and CL. I think Liverpool is ending among the top 6 this season

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