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Highlights: Sporting Braga 2-0 Partizan Beograd. Champions league Group H 19.10.2010

Highlights: Sporting Braga 1-0 Partizan Beograd. Champions league Group H 19.10.2010

1-0 Lima 35'

2-0 Matheus 89'

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sokrates4370d ago

Braga won 2-0, but in the starting 11 there was only 1 portuguese... Sílvio
8 are brazilian, 1 Argentinian and 1 mexican. This is no fun!

FootballZilla4370d ago

Lol whats that got to do with anything?

sokrates4370d ago

Its harder for young portuguese players to get international experience- wich I support evry young national player to have: no matter if its england, spain or portugal. I think its sad for the local players- and for the future of portoguese football and national squad.

kulka4370d ago

Yup agree with Sokrates young players need to be given a chance but they wont if clubs just sign expierenced players all the time locals wont have a chance to progress England and Portugal are going to regret that they are not acting

FootballZilla4370d ago

Yeh but the teams arent going to give the young players a chance just because their young they will give them a chance if there good

kulka4370d ago

Yup but they wont be great players straight away they need some expierence the longer playing time the better they become the more you practise the better you are and the best practise is actually playing at the highest level

sokrates4370d ago

That is exactly what I mean. You need to invest in the players- to watch them bloom. Having the talent, Experience is evrything.

no_more_heroes4370d ago

and a tough decision:

1. Give him games, putting up with his mistakes and sacrificing a few trophies or
2. buy experienced, ready made players who will win things now but aren't getting any younger and will soon pass their peak so you have to buy big again

You have to try and strike a balance. Now I'm an Arsenal fan, but I must admit, I feel Wenger introduced too many young players at one time and got rid of too much experience, hence our current trophy drought.

kulka4369d ago

yup if you manage that result is Barcelona they done it perfectly