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VIDEO: Sent Off Without Playing: Jean-Pascal Mignot (Auxerre) Against Ajax

Auxerre's Jean-Pascal Mignot managed to become the answer to a pub quiz question for the generations on Tuesday night as the 29-year-old defender was sent off without even being on the pitch.

Mignot's downfall was his loose lips.

As the sub was warming up along the touchline, Mignot felt aggrieved by a decision of match referee Olegario Benquerenca‎ and in turn decided to give the man in black a piece of his mind. Clearly unhappy at being berated, the ref calmly trotted over to Mignot and slapped a yellow card in his face.

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karim4368d ago

That Was Kinda Funny :P

kulka4368d ago

Haha never seen that before

karim4368d ago

The match was yesterday

kulka4368d ago

Yup but I didnt see that game Watched Real and Milan

The Hunter4367d ago

Lol that was hilerous, it happend in front of me LOL!!

karim4367d ago

LOL...You're Very Lucky...this will go into the history books