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Rooney's house besieged by angry Man Utd fans

Rooney, who is understood to be in turmoil over whether to accept a new offer to remain at Old Trafford, sparked fury among Manchester United supporters by claiming that he is ready to leave the club due to the failure of senior figures to prove they match his ambition.

Derogatory banners and chants were directed at Rooney during Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Bursaspor at Old Trafford, but the animosity reached new depths with a mob of around 30 people being dispersed by police.

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sokrates4367d ago

I undestand a supporters frustration- but this is only stupid. You cant attack the personal life of a player. sing at him at the stadium, then let it go.

ad4mb4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

Oh yes you can... when hes on that kind of money and talks crap about the club, which fans spend their money on, I dont think he can expect anything less

sokrates4367d ago

I admit that Rooney made some really stupid moves, but hey, the man is stupid! One of my favorite player, in the club I have been supported all life. But still, fans should not besiege his house, he has a family and a little inocent kid. Say what ever you want, I dont like it!

kulka4367d ago

Yup terrible behaviour by the player he deserved it but then fans may have overeacted

FootballZilla4366d ago

he deserved it. You shouldnt talk s*it about your own team