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Wayne Rooney Is Now Pocketing £200,000 A Week But Still He Wants Us To Believe He's... Sorry

Wayne Rooney's decision to stay at Manchester United was followed by an emotional, face-to-face apology to his team-mates - on the orders of manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Smirking Rooney, however, stopped short of saying sorry to fans in an interview on the club's TV channel, even though Ferguson had suggested in his own interview that he would.

The 24-year-old United striker signed a five-year, £200,000-a-week contract at Old Trafford only two days after suggesting his fellow players were not good enough to win major trophies.

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karim4366d ago

It Was all about the money

EatSleepPlay4366d ago

I won't believe he's story just like the article said...he manipulated sir alex and the glazer family to give him a better contract

kulka4366d ago

He wanted more money thats the only reason for his actions thats what you call loyality to your club he there for the money just like most players now adays

karim4366d ago

Agreed you can only find a few loyal players to your club

FootballZilla4366d ago

He wanted more money and is next contract he want more

guigsy4365d ago

Yeah but he highlighted what every United fan is thinking, why aren't we making any big signings? Hopefully something good will come out of this and make the Glazers realise that they need to splash out for us to compete at the highest level.

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