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How Does Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid Compare To Manuel Pellegrini’s Real Madrid?

It’s now almost five months since Jose Mourinho was unveiled as the new coach of Real Madrid. After struggling in his first few competitive games in charge, the ‘Special One’ has finally unleashed the beast within the team. But how does his start to his Blancos career compare to his predecessor, Manuel Pellegrini?

When the ‘Casa Blanca’ splashed out €250 million to sign some of the best footballers on the planet for Pellegrini, not many would have thought the team could get any better. Indeed, a few of Barcelona’s players even taunted on numerous occasion that if Madrid wanted to sign any more of the best players in the world, they would have to tempt them away from the Camp Nou.

The new recruits that Mourinho have been showered with certainly pale in comparison in terms of profile and transfer fees. But on the pitch where it matters most, it’s a different story.

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