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Paul the Octopus died a long time ago - Chinese film director

The death of World Cup oracle Paul the Octopus has sparked a wave of conspiracy theories claiming the octopus was already dead long before the news was reported on Tuesday.

Chinese film director Jiang Xiao had been making a film about the octopus that made headlines after successfully predicting eight consecutive results during this summer's World Cup.

During her research, Xiao became convinced that the real Paul had died two days prior to the tournament's final - but was quickly replaced by an impostor.

She told The Guardian: "I am 60 to 70 per cent sure that Paul died on July 9 and the Germans have been covering up his death and fooling us for a long time," said Jiang, who is making a film about her claims entitled 'Who killed Paul the Octopus?'.

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sokrates4361d ago

Thats good knowing the worlds crap news isnt running that fast!

kulka4361d ago

Jesus this is the biggest conspiracy the world has ever seen the aquarium should be banned lol

BjornarO4361d ago

Its the same business as football:) All about the money.

Maradona4361d ago

Show some respect for the animals...