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UEFA Award Italy 3-0 Win Over Serbia After Fan Trouble

UEFA's disciplinary commission has awarded Italy a 3-0 win over Serbia for the abandoned Euro 2012 qualifier earlier this month.

Fan trouble saw the game in Genoa called off after just six minutes after it became evident safety on and off the pitch was compromised by Serbian ultras who went on the rampage.

And, after gathering to hear evidence from the match officials and delegates on Friday, the chiefs at UEFA headquarters in Nyon have handed Italy the win.

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sokrates4417d ago

I find it sad that Serbia is puished after stupid fan behaviour. Nothing to do with football- and after all it was the Italians responsibilty , since the macth was supposed to be playes in Italy. After all, its just sad!

karim4417d ago

that's just stupid they should have only punished the fans the serbian fa have nothing to do with and where the hell is the security ?

zeddy20104417d ago

this is a good idea actaully, the italian FA could pay italian supporters to pose as thier opponents, make trouble, win 3-0 and not even kick a ball.

no_more_heroes4417d ago

Same kind of thing happened some years ago (2008 I think) between Denmark and Sweden. A fan ran onto the pitch to punch the ref and the match was abandoned. I think it was Sweden that was awarded a 3-0 win, though I could be wrong.