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Ouch,Referee takes a beating in Croatia (Rudar Siveric vs Sabunjar)

101GreatGoals Writes : We have no idea why a television crew was at the fourth division match in Croatia between Rudar Siveric and Sabunjar this week, but happily they were as they captured a disgraceful act of violence towards a referee.

The incident kicked off at the end of the match as Rudar Siveric’s number seven was hacked down in the box by the Sabunjar’s number four. It was a clear-as-day penalty, yet referee Pavic made the terrible decision of awarding a goal-kick to the visitors.

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karim4348d ago

Those dude should be jailed for like 2 weeks so they can learn to control themselves ******* animals

kulka4348d ago

Thats what you call the spirit of local clubs :D

karim4347d ago

Haha...They Have some OVERREACTING spirit :P

moha104347d ago

I don`t like this. You can start with boxing instead

zeddy20104347d ago

thats messed up, credit to the ref though, if it were me i'd be running away like a girl but he stood there and took it. they should ban them for life, forget 3 matches.