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Jose Mourinho Tells Real Madrid: I Won't Be Here Long

Jose Mourinho has vividly promulgated a worrying message to Real Madrid, hinting his time there may not extend towards a long stay depending on the success he achieves.

Mourinho has always maintained ideas of moving on once he has established a pattern of success wherever he has coached and Real Madrid are no different.

But he did admit success could and would recast the mindset and told the club's official website, "Staying on with a great club for such a long time is hard in the culture in which we live.

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karim3280d ago

He Wants To Return To England ;)

sokrates3280d ago

This fellow (not...) wants to return to Chelsea. Thats for sure! I hope he does, and get fired again:)

karim3279d ago

I really doubt he's gonna get fired

kulka3279d ago

Chelsea dont need Mourinho he plays boring football he is a very successful coach but I prefer attacking football which is played by the likes of Guardiola