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Wayne Rooney Left At Half-Time During Manchester United's 2-0 Win Over Tottenham Hotspur

Wayne Rooney left at half-time during Manchester United's win over Tottenham on Saturday, UK has learned.

The striker attended a match at Old Trafford for the first time since signing a new five-year contract following the saga that turned many supporters against him.

Rooney, 25, has been abused by fans who are angry with his apparent disloyalty in originally declaring his desire to leave the club before signing a deal worth more than £200,000-a-week in total.

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karim4948d ago

Hmmm What Will This Mean ?

kulka4948d ago

This means that Rooney will leave United in the summer remember Ronaldo he signed a five year contract just months before leaving

karim4948d ago

Smart technique by Man U....they let him sign a HUGE new deal and then they will let him go for a giant fee in the summer (or even january)

kulka4948d ago

Yup if he did not sign the new contract they would have to release him for like 20 milion but now that he has the new contract they sell him for 80 to 90 milion that shows the the Glazers are there just for the profit

ad4mb4947d ago

How the hell does that show the glazers are there just for the profit, what idiot would rather sell a player for 20 when as you say could get 90 (much too high). oh and btw i hate the glazers as much as anyone so dont take this as me defending them lol.

kulka4947d ago

Yup but if they made the 70 miliion profit then they should sign a replacment worth at least 40 milion because lets face it if Rooney leaves Giggs and Schloes retires Ferguson retires who is gonna play for the team they need to sign players to catch Chelsea because at the moment United are losin more and more ground to Chelsea

karim4947d ago

Instead Of a 40M signing buy 2 or 3 promising youngsters for half the price and some 2 world class replacements => better value ;)

GJ234946d ago

Would be good to sell him. Benezma looks out of place at madrid and Fabiano was complaining about sevilla a while ago. Both would be great as replacements

GJ234946d ago

He really has a bad attitude to the game. Bad to see someone behave like this and still get a pay rise