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Highlights: Barcelona 5-0 Sevilla - La Liga - 30.10.10

1 - 0 Lionel Messi 4'
2 - 0 David Villa 23'
3 - 0 Dani Alves 52'
4 - 0 Lionel Messi 63'
5 - 0 David Villa 90'

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karim4950d ago

5-0 ? and sevilla said they're gonna competed for the title ? yeah right

kulka4950d ago

Xavi was playing Barca thrash their rivals amazing player with him fit I am sure they win the league

RedDevils4950d ago

I wonder What will Barca do without Xavi, this guy is their main man to make the different, Not messi not Villa but him XAVI this guy is a legend

karim4950d ago

Xavi Is Barcelona's Heart Even If he's nor 20% Fit He can make the difference I don't what barca will do without him

no_more_heroes4950d ago

that's why they wanted Fabregas so bad. He was supposed to be Xavi's replacement.

kulka4950d ago

Fabregas is a good player but Xavi is better I think that Barca should look into their academy to find a replacment cheaper without the need to frustrate Wenger again

Shankle4949d ago

It's amazing Barca are still playing like this for the third year in a row. They are such an amazing team. It's a pity we don't have football like that in England. Then again, they don't have Kevin Davies.