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Harry Redknapp Believes Manchester United Would Have Won Regardless Of Nani's Goal

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has admitted Nani's goal at Old Trafford probably had no bearing on Saturday's result.

The Manchester United winger took advantage of a misunderstanding between Spurs goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes and referee Mark Clattenburg, and tapped the ball into the net after the Brazilian stopper had rolled the ball from his hands, believing a free-kick was awarded.

The Manchester United winger did handle the ball but Clattenburg failed to blow his whistle, therefore the game continued and the ball was still in open play when the Portuguese poked home.

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sokrates4950d ago

This was a strange situation; nobody know what was really happening. Not sure if it was unfair play by Nani- or just a big blow of the goalie! I hope the last one...

zeddy20104949d ago

gomes could have kicked or thrown the ball to play on, instead he threw it on the ground 10 yards away from the handball despite no free kick given or flag raised by the linesman, it was the keepers fault.

MaximusPrime4949d ago

Nani handled the ball and lineman saw it, referee did not.

either way, Man U still won.

GJ234949d ago

It should have been a penalty to Nani anyway. Defender was clearly pulling him back. Since the keeper had the ball the referee was within his right to allow play to continue. Gomez should have played to the whistle

Shankle4949d ago

It was clearly a goal. Gomez didn't play to the whistle. Nani has clearly developed a killer instinct, so good on him for exploiting an opportunity for his team. That's nothing new in football.

GJ234949d ago

Maybe he should stop complaining so much then :P

kulka4949d ago

Yup if he thinks that the goal should have stood why is he threatning to stop speaking to the press lol