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Bayern Munich Warn Chelsea And Manchester United Off Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bayern Munich have warned they will fight to keep Bastian Schweinsteiger after the midfielder admitted he was keen on a move to England.

The Germany World Cup star has attracted attention from Chelsea and Manchester United - and as good as issued a come-and-get-me plea to the Barclays Premier League giants at the weekend.

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karim4949d ago

Would be welcomed at England :)

kulka4949d ago

Great player he will want to move on from Bayern at some point

GJ234949d ago

He has won the Bundesliga 5 times as well as 7 cups 1 supercup and runner up of champions league. I Dont think with the form Bayern are showing that they will do very well in the champions league this year so he might want a new challenge soon

FootballZilla4949d ago

would be great for man utd

karim4949d ago

He Should Stay At Bayern

GJ234949d ago

I know his brother wants him to join united. Hope he can convince him

Shankle4949d ago

United probably won't be able to afford him.

kulka4949d ago (Edited 4949d ago )

I believe he will leave if Bayern fail to get to the Semi finals of the Champions League best players want titles

Shankle4949d ago

If he wants to go Bayern can't do a whole lot of 'fighting' to keep hold of him, but I reckon this is a whole lot of hot air. Why would he want to come to England when Bayern were Champion's League finalists last year? He should stay there where he is settled and loved by the fans.

GJ234949d ago

I dont think that bayern will have a good year, in the Bundesliga they are already 10 points behind after 10 games

Shankle4949d ago

Good point, but do you really think he'll do any better at United? They're 5 points behind and look shoddy.

GJ234949d ago

Man u have a habit of looking shoddy at the start of the season. Man u look like they only need a few of players, a decent central, a fast winger and a world class finisher. Schweinsteiger could easily fit in with carrick not playing very well, and Anderson not meeting his potential

karim4948d ago

Shankle Your Absolutely Right But People Need New Challenges...Just Ask Mourinho
@GJ23 Bayern Always Start Their Season In A Horrible Fashion Remember Last Year ?

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