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Video: Skill of the Week: Fernando Belluschi (Porto) vs Academica Coimbra

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As many will have experienced in person, much of the European football fixture list this weekend was affected by torrential downpours. Several games were called off because of the bad weather, while other matches, such as Porto’s 1-nil win at Academica Coimbra, were played on pitches that were so waterlogged they probably should have been abandoned.

Happily though, Porto’s Argentine midfielder Fernando Belluschi made a mockery of the joke playing conditions with an amazing piece of skill. Combining a chapeau and a panna in one glorious move, poor Diogo Valente was left chasing shadows on the soaking wet surface.

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kulka4947d ago

Great skill but the conditions terrible suprise the game was not abandoned

karim4947d ago

that's what makes the skills more special :)

FootballZilla4947d ago

Yup i watched the game and the players where all arguing because a player got injured for porto because of the conditions and porto got Benfica in the league games :/

GJ234946d ago

He must have real talent to be able to do that in those conditions

GJ234946d ago

Can't believe that the game wasn't abandoned in those conditions

karim4946d ago

One word : Corruption

FootballZilla4942d ago

what you on about karim shut up :/ how is it corrupt.

both teams could of won.