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UEFA Champions League: Top 25 Goals of the Past Decade

Sanat Talmaki Writes : With a new decade of UEFA Champions League upon us, I thought of coming up with some of the best goals from the past decade. While it is impossible to include all the wonderful goals scored in this great competition, I have tried to include all types of goals, such as free kicks, long-range shots, swift inter-passing, exquisite solo finishes and headers.

I look forward to your opinions and suggestions on goals that should have made this list.

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karim4945d ago (Edited 4945d ago )

Where's Alex goal against liverpool

moha104945d ago

And what about Milan Baros s goal against chelsea in semifinal CL 2005;-)

karim4945d ago

we played liverpool in the semi-final and we were ALSO robbed by a phantom goal or am I missing anything about this barros goal ?

kulka4945d ago

Yup red card for Cech and penalty for Liverpool Chelsea down to 10 men Liverpool scoring a penalty lead would be easier for Liverpool