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Video: N'Doye gets knocked out by Victor Valdes

Copenhagen's Dame N'Doye gets knocked out by Barcelona's keeper Victor Valdes, but manages to come back into the game.

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The Hunter2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

What a Stupid action of Victor Valdes! He had must get RED! He didnt get it :S!

I thought N'Doye was dead, I was shocking!

BTW I dislike Barca this way! Normally I have respect the way they are play offensive footbal, but when I saw this I dislike Barca immediately, also from the Pinto 2 weeks ago! That is no respect towards your opponent!

karim2906d ago

Barca ALWAYS Gets Favored By The Referees and yeah they are really getting on my nerves theese past few weeks

kulka2907d ago

That reminded me more of a Muay Thai tackle than soccer and it resulted in free kick to Barca the ref was blind

GJ232907d ago

That's going to hurt in the morning. Should have definately been a red card

sokrates2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Barca was lucky. This is the secong match against Copenhagen that he is lucky for not beeing caught.

karim2906d ago

That's just enough WTH is happening to barca...The Chelsea game then inter vs barca the disgraceful xavi and valdes...pinto in the last 2 weeks and NOW's bullsh*t that fifa/uefa or everyone else aren't doing anything