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Theo Walcott the Formula One footballer: He's super-fast but fragile like a Red Bull

The trouble with Formula One cars is they are extremely fragile machines. Countless parts can go wrong and if vehicles get too close to each other the consequences are usually serious.
It was apt, then, for Arsene Wenger to use the analogy of a car at the pinnacle of motorsport to describe Theo Walcott.
Tuned up and not missing a beat, Walcott, like Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren, is poetry in motion.
Walcott's problem has been spending too much time in the Arsenal pits, having various mechanical failures worked upon.

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GJ234947d ago

Arsenal should give him more time in the gym to strengthen his muscles. It would help reduce the risk of injury

kulka4947d ago

He is very much like Babel lots of pace but little skill or crossing ability