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Berlusconi wants Del Piero at Milan

Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi has revealed his intention to bring Juventus star Alessandro Del Piero to the Italian club.

Juventus defeated Milan 2-1 on Saturday night in the Serie A as Del Piero scored his 179th goal to become the Bianconeri's record goalscorer, eclipsing former top scorer Giampaolo Boniperti.

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karim4944d ago

2 Old To Play For Milan

Maradona4944d ago

He is a hero in Juve. Why go now? Will not happen.

GJ234944d ago

I doubt he could cope with playing at the top again at his age. Although Giggs and Scholes seem to be doing fine.

Maradona4944d ago

Yes but no other club in europe have a well organized system to play in like Manu. Maybe Barca. Italian football has no overall structur. Good defensiv, but not overall.

GJ234944d ago

I see what you mean. I dont think he would upset his fans, he's been at juve since 1993. Would be good to see him finish his career there.

kulka4944d ago

At 37 he will soon retire Milan should be signing young players they have enough expierence

Leio4944d ago (Edited 4944d ago )

Another 35 years old.. FACE PALM :/