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Highlights: Auxerre 2-1 Ajax [UEFA Champions League Group G 03/11/2010]

1-0 F. Sammaritano 9'
1-1 T. Alderweireld 79'
2-1 S. Langil 84'

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GJ234947d ago

Brilliant first goal and quick thinking for Auxerre's second

The Hunter4947d ago (Edited 4947d ago )

Ajax had chance to win! Im really sad now, also becease AC Milan won and now a 2th place is difficult :(

EDIT: Sorry, Madrid drew 2-2 with Madrid indeed! Then there is still a chance! Because Madrid is through and can be play with a B-Squad in the ArenA :D

ohahCantona4947d ago

Madrids "B-squad" are maybe top 10 in Europe. They could hav eplayed with two teams in this tournement.. I don`t think Ajax will make it

The Hunter4947d ago (Edited 4947d ago )

Ajax is strong at the ArenA! With 55.000 supporters supporting there club! Mourinho has already said that he preffer Ajax to get the 2nd place then AC Milan! Real Madrid can win at Home against Auxerre and then they are 1st place for sure!

kulka4947d ago

Yup it be hard now Milan drew 2-2 with Real