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Did Jesper Gronkjaer save Dame N’Doye’s life after Valdes attack? (FC Copenhagen-Barcelona)

Incredible footage has emerged from the FC Copenhagen-Barcelona clash last night which suggests Danish winger Jesper Gronkjaer may have saved the life of his team mate Dame N’Doye.

One of the talking points of the match was a horrendous challenge by Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes on Copenhagen striker Dame N’Doye after just 11 minutes.

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karim4946d ago

Not matter what...what he did was heroic

GJ234946d ago

I cant believe valdes got away with it. It was practically assault. You can see valdes was barely looking at the ball

karim4946d ago

Valdes,Pinto and UEFA are a disgrace you can clearly see they favour barca

GJ234946d ago

I know, Atleast Pinto has had some kind of punishment even if it's very mild. UEFA are completely incompetent

EatSleepPlay4946d ago

Barca always gets away with it

zeddy20104946d ago

he wont get away with this surely, will he?!

karim4946d ago

It's UEFA there is no justice for them

kulka4946d ago

No way he will get a ban Copenhagen appeal they have to ban him

RedDevils4945d ago

is a disgrace, he should be Ban!

karim4945d ago

Fully agree what he did wasn't acceptable I bet if it wasn't a famous guy who did it he will get some prison time