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Highlights: Liverpool 3-1 Napoli (Europa League) - 04.11.10

0-1 Lavezzi 28'
1-1 Gerrard 75'
2-1 Gerrard 88'
3-1 Gerrard 89'

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moha104010d ago

Gerrrrrard! Thank you!

kulka4010d ago

Gerrard good to see you back in form just in time for Chelsea game

zico4009d ago

He is back, but I think Chelsea are to strong....

karim4009d ago

You also need torres to be back

GJ234008d ago

Yeah Chelsea look too strong as a team. Liverpool are still a one man team this season

kulka4009d ago

if Gerrard plays well we can beat anyone we proved it more than once

karim4009d ago

Gerrard to the rescue...AGAIN !

GJ234008d ago

He deserves a hat trick after all his hard work