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Sergio Busquets: Luis Figo Was My Hero Before He Left Barcelona For Real Madrid

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets has revealed that Luis Figo was his idol when he was playing for the Catalans giants but the Portuguese was quickly forgotten after he left for arch-rivals Real Madrid.

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zico4942d ago

One of the best Portugeese player ever. My opinion:
1. Eusebio
2. Figo
3. Ronaldo
4. Deco

The Hunter4942d ago

So dumb that a move to a other club suddenly no longer his hero anymore! He is a great player, also when he played at Real Madrid..

kulka4942d ago

Well he moved to Barca biggest rivals no suprise they lost respect for him same as if Rooney lesft for City he would also be hated

karim4942d ago

I don't care if he's your hero you should always support him wherever he is

ohahCantona4942d ago

Figo is an old star, lets talk about the new one. Nani will be the best Portugeese player ever. And he will never leave ManU like Ronaldo did because he loves his club, and Alex has made him to who he are.

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