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Carlo Ancelotti: Steven Gerrard would be a dream to manage

It was a moment of idle fantasy rather than the opening gambit of an audacious transfer plot but Carlo Ancelotti could not resist a mischievous smile as he joined the Steven Gerrard fanfare.

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The Hunter4945d ago

He is to good for Liverpool! He must find a better club, the difference was poignant last Thursday..

kulka4945d ago

nope Gerrard is staying Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world bad time now for the club but well be back soon

The Hunter4945d ago

Yeah, you are a LFC fan, so you want him to stay :P

But I think it is better for him to go to Barcelona or something! LFC dont play CL and you saw last Thursday that he is to good for Liverpool and the EL! He cant learn anything more at LFC!

karim4945d ago

Lampard-Gerrard-Essien-Ramires -Zhirkov And Malouda That's I Call a dream midfield but unfortunately gerrard is in hi 30's so we should pass

GJ234943d ago

Keep dreaming lol. Unless he manages england soon he wont get a chance

kulka4943d ago

yup gerrard is staying Liverpool getting better with every game